Why Our Work Is Important

Overcoming Powerlessness (OCP) is dedicated entirely to the education, support, and awareness of individuals who seek to break patterns that maintain psychologically abusive behavior in order to begin a journey toward personal growth and overcoming powerlessness.


Encourage individuals to take appropriate action

Enable victims to recover their self respect

Educate  about healthy relationships

Empower individuals toward healthy self-protection and responsible self care

Promote awareness of emotional abuse and its debilitating effects


Group meetings are for individuals over the age of 18. Meetings are a maximum of 2 hours and focus on specific topics with handouts, exercises, and open discussion. Topics include: defining abuse, rebuilding damaged self-image, confronting abuse, dependency, abandonment, grief and loss, setting boundaries, healthy relationships, concerns about children, and sexual abuse.


There is a requested donation of $15 per session. However, each person is asked to make a commitment in an amount that is workable for them. Donation of time for volunteer work is also an acceptable form of payment for those who can not afford the sessions. Click here for volunteer information.


The last group meeting for the summer will be July 24, 2018 and will start back up mid-September.  More details to follow.

Tuesday Evening Group

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Living Word Church

2530 Cape Horn Road

Red Lion, PA 17356


Bonnie J. Wilt, MA in Professional Counseling


BONNIE WILT, Founder and President of OCP, has her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. She offers counseling to Individuals and Couples, as well Family Counseling.

If you would like more information on counseling services, please call 717-309-1579 or email

“Research has shown that by developing the ability to stand up for ourselves and take initiative, we become more confident and increase our worth as a person.”